The Mods / Toledo, Ohio

1998 Authorized LP / CD release on Crypt Records compilation Vol. 10 titled "The World Ain't Round, It's Square!"  The Mods song "I Give You An Inch (And You Take A Mile) is on side 2 track 6 on the LP.   On the CD version "I Give You An Inch" is number 14.
1996 Authorized CD compilation release on BACK FROM THE GRAVE Vol. 2 CD on Crypt Records.  
Track 5 - THE MODS - "You've Got Another Think Coming".
1982 Authorized release by The Mods on BACK FROM THE GRAVE Vol. 3 LP compilation on Crypt Records, The Mods song "You've Got Another Think Coming"is on side 2 track 6.
1997 unauthorized CD bootleg release, label unknown.?  This bootleg CD contains The Chosen  Few Vols. 1 and 2 on CD and has The Mods song "I Give You An Inch" on the CD.   Another instance of no one asking permission from anyone in The Mods to release their music.  A bootleg of the bootleggers!
B-side of The Mods 1966 45-RPM on Peck Records recorded and released in Toledo, Ohio.  Same as above copies have been known to sell for $550.00 a copy.
1982 unauthorized LP bootleg release on  (A-Go-Go Records) The Chosen Few Vol.1 LP.   This LP has The Mods song "I Give You An Inch (And You Take A Mile)" on the LP.
Music Samples / Discography
A-side of The Mods 1966 45-RPM on Peck Records recorded and released in Toledo, Ohio.  We sold them $1.00 in 1966 now they sell for up to $550.00 if you can find one.
The Mods A&T 1963 acetate demo from 1963.  This was the B-side of the 45-RPM and the second song co-written by the Smith brothers, song never released.
The Mods A&T 1963 acetate demo from 1963.  This was the A-side of the 45-RPM and the very first song co-written by the Smith brothers, song never released.

News & Events

Both songs from The Mods 1966 45-RPM recording on Peck Records has recently been reissued on a NEW EP  in their hometown of Toledo, Ohio on National Record Store Day on April 19, 2014. 

The new EP is titled, "Breaking Glass - Garage Rock from Toledo, Ohio".  The EP features music from three Toledo, Ohio bands who's music has been out of print for years.  The EP features The Mods from 1966 ; The Human Darts from 1973, and The Best from 1979.  The EP record is on sale for $9.99 at Culture Clash Records in Toledo, Ohio.  

​If you want to buy a copy of this EP, 
contact Culture Clash Records by phone at 419-536-5683 or visit their website at and drop them an email and tell them you want to purchase a copy of "Breaking Glass - Garage Rock from Toledo, Ohio that features The Mods.

The owner of Culture Clash Records is Pat O'Conner.

About The Mods... 

One of any number of garage bands that performed and recorded under the name the Mods, this particular group -- best remembered for the compilation staple "I Give You an Inch (And You Take a Mile)" -- formed in Toledo, Ohio in 1962. Singer/guitarist Terry Smith and his brother, bassist Larry Smith, co-founded the group with their mutual best friend, rhythm guitarist Larry Music (amazingly, his real surname) -- originally dubbed "Terry and the Blasters", the teens began by playing covers of instrumental hits by the Ventures and other surf-rock acts, but the Beatles changed everything, and they soon began adding British Invasion hits to their repertoire.

Drummer Terry Fitzsimmons signed on in early 1963, prompting a name change to the Imitations -- some time the following year, the band entered Toledo studio A&T Productions to record a demo single, but the tapes never saw official release. In 1965, Fitzsimmons was drafted to serve in Vietnam, and was replaced by drummer Fred Jablonski.

After taking top honors in the 1965 Toledo Battle of the Bands contest, the Imitations were awarded the opportunity to record a single for the local Peck label -- though still best-known for their covers, they opted to record the brother's original song, "I Give You an Inch (And You Take a Mile)," renaming themselves the Mods in honor of the occasion. Highlighted by Terry Smith's snarling, Mick Jagger-inspired lead vocal, the single was a local smash, and the Mods were hired on as the house band at Toledo's Peppermint Lounge, once backing rock & roll legend Chuck Berry.

​In 1966, the group signed to Detroit's Impact Records, who insisted on a name change because of the overwhelming number of Mods across the U.S. -- simply re-christened They, the band recorded a handful of tracks before Terry Smith was drafted for military service, effectively bringing their career to a close.

Email The Mods

Sorry, The Mods no longer accept bookings due to two of our band members have passed away.  We still like to hear from fans so drop us an email if you have something to share with us. You can contact us by Email at:

  • I Give You An Inch (and You Take A Mile) Demo-sound-clip1:03
  • You've Got Another Think Coming Demo-sound-clip1:19
April 19, 2014 Authorized EP record release by The Mods on an LP featuring three Toledo, Ohio bands whose 45-RPM recordings are long out of print. 

This recording was released in Toledo, Ohio for National Record Store Day on April 19, 2014 and to celebrate CULTURE CLASH RECORDS store owner Pat O'Connor's forty years in the record store business in Toledo, Ohio.  

Shown above are the front and back covers of a recent EP titled, "Breaking Glass - Garage Rock from Toledo, Ohio" This is an authorized release by The Mods by CULTURE CLASH RECORDS in our hometown of Toledo, Ohio.  The EP is selling for $9.99 a copy and features both songs from the 1966 Peck Records release by The Mods.  The EP also features two other band from Toledo that released 45-RPM recordings; The Human Darts from 1973, and The Best from 1979.  

If you would like to purchase a copy of the BREAKING GLASS EP on coke bottle green (200 copies) or black vinyl (300 copies) from CULTURE CLASH RECORDS in Toledo, Ohio just visit their website at: http://www.thecultureclash.comor you can phone them at(419) 536-5683  or email them at and ask about how to purchase a copy of "Breaking Glass - Garage Rock from Toledo, Ohio" featuring The Mods and two other Toledo, Ohio bands.
​The Mods were signed to a recording contract with IMPACT RECORDS in Detroit Michigan in April of 1966.   We were not allowed to record under the name The Mods and were renamed THEY by the record company.  Below are copies of the two page recording contract.  No recordings were ever released under this contract due to two members of the band receiving draft notices during the Vietnam War era.

Listen to two short Demo Sound File's from The Mods 1966 45-RPM recording.  Available on iTunes!